The Two Chronological Objectives

I. First, The Presidential Executive Order;
Second,The Succeeding, Social Service Programs

United States of America, 14th Amendment, 1866 Civil Rights (The Act), Black citizens homelessness is a CIVIL RIGHTS and CRIMINAL OFFENSE, whereby any and all accused, from the President of the United States, to Congressional Members, government bureaucrats, even Supreme Court Justices, arrested perpetrators are prosecuted-tried, and if found guilty, punished, according to Section 2 of The Act.

In response to the LA City-proper and County, in conjunction with California State Assembly declaration of homelessness as EMERGENCY-Crisis.

Such an official, governmental declaration is admission that situation is out of control; and unable to be handled by local and regional means, thereby worthy of federal assistance of all measures, not necessarily tax dollars, including and foremost, Presidential Executive Order.

Successful, innovative programs won’t and can’t end chronic, sidewalk, encampment homelessness without the authority and power of Presidential Executive Order(s), as it’s too vast in growing numbers, complicated and complex for any local, regional governmental resolutions.

It have become an troubling realty that without such aggressive and direct, even personal, Presidential activism, essentially social service programs, which initially were/are well meaning actions of love, volunteerism, etc., inadvertently have fueled and continue to fuel the industry complex of homelessness (HIC), thereby causing further complications, financially, economically, politically, socially, civically.

I.  Presidential Executive Order – Law Empowerment

1. The Benefits
A.  National Uniformity of States, Counties, Municipalities, Government;

National and Regional Uniformity of Social Service Entities;

C.  All successful SS entities call for POTUS Executive Order to prevent vortex.

Programs models locally, regionally, statewide, nationally for the Order(s)?

B.   Do they have a causal plan for such Order(s)?  If So, Where are they?

   If not, will they enjoin with that of Justiceville?  If not, why not?

Brings about unprecedented unity, cooperation-collaboration, and hope.

B.  Those whom resist, are exposed to their supporters, especially financial.

2.  The Copus Dilecti body of evidence
     A. The JSAP (Joint Statement And Action Plan)

BThe Three (3) Presidential Orders –

~ Truman, post WWII Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe;

~ Eisenhower May 7, 1954 “Brown vs. Board of Education” Supreme Court decision September, 1957, military enforcement at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

Note: May 7, 1954 9-0 unanimous vote US Supreme Court decision of “Brown vs. Board of Education” of Topeka, Kansas, 347 U.S. 483, on May 17, 1954 based on Section 1, of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment for black citizen, students; and the succeeding, September, 1957, military enforcement at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, based on Sec. 9, 2, 4, 8,

Note: As black homelessness is a crime, POTUS dispatches special envoys -czars with arresting powers, based on Sections 2 and 4

~ Kennedy June 11, 1963 issues Order 11111 against Gov. George Wallace to desegregate University of Alabama, based on Section 9, 2, 4, 8

3. The Los Angeles County EMERGENCY – Disaster Crisis
Note: The Disproportionate of Homelessness Populations Triggers Civil Rights Laws
Black Codes-Jim Crow Zoning Codes and Policy

B.  Public Health and Safety Unjust Policies and Enforcement of Codes

C.  Official operation of outdoor, sidewalk, encampment, homelessness shelters, violating Public Health and Safety codes

4.  Criminal Offense of Civil & Human Rights Violations
Triggers 14th Amendment-The Act, Sections 4, 8, & 9 for immediate “EMERGENCY” Presidential actions

Note: LA County & city proper, and CA State Assembly
declarations of homelessness, an EMERGENCY -“Crisis”

Note: Sec. 2, The Act states (edited)|”And be it further enacted, That any person who, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, shall subject, or cause to be subjected, any inhabitant of any State or Territory to the deprivation of any right secured or protected by this act…shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished…in the discretion of the court.”

B. United Nations, Human Rights, triggering international, moral support

IISuccessful, innovative Programs

Post POTUS Executive Order, all programs, traditional as well as innovative will be released, along with the “red tape”.

The objective of successful entities is, “mainstreaming”, but due to the following concerns, such is impracticable and insane:

A. Urban overpopulation, with massive influx of illegal aliens into sanctuary cities, etc.

B.  Righteous Nimbian (Not In My Back Yard) resistance to shelters

C.  Post shelter, no place transition, geo-physically, socially, economically

D. Homeless resistance to successful entities, “mainstreaming”

III.  Promised Lands by Executive Order provides

Options and exodus into “promised lands”, federal, private, i.e., ranches, etc.

Note: Stuart McKinney Vento Act, Title V of the McKinney: Vento Act authorizes available surplus, federal properties, including defunct, military bases, to assist homeless people.

IV.  The Promissory Note – August 28,2018, is the 55th Anniversary of the 1963, Civil Rights March in Washington, DC, and “I Have A Dream” Speech

The USA Promised Land Is The Understanding, embracing and POTUS execution of the14th  Amendment–Act

“I’ve been to the mountaintop…And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the promised land.” MLK, April 3, 1968