Whereas General Resolution Statement: Homelessness Solution

Los Angeles, the Homeless Capital of the USA and Comparatively the World
Circa 90% of homeless in downtown, “Ground 0” Los Angeles are black men, followed by black women and their children”

 “Homelessness is the ultimate statement of what has gone wrong in society” US Cong Rep. the Hon. Maxine Waters

Prelude: The Great Capital of Global Homelessness

Whereas, Los Angeles is considered the proud capital of industries such as; film, television and musical arts entertainment, and the Pearl of the Pacific Rim nations;

Whereas, concomitantly, ironically, given its long history and high numbers of homeless peoples on all levels, this world class city is also considered the capital of homelessness, which includes that of US military veterans as well;

Whereas, within the heart of the capital, is its “ground 0” and “black hole vortex”, which is located in its downtown, Central City East district, dubbed, Skid Row, and comparatively that of the world;

Whereas, the chattel slave descendants-Jim Crow survivors, upon whose black lives this “nation of immigrants” is built, are but a mere 12-13% of the national population, yet these particular US citizens, are over 60% of that which is homeless, excluding the still displaced Katrina hurricane victims of 2005;

Whereas, in Los Angeles county and city proper, black Angelinos are circa 8-9 % of the general population, yet are over circa 40 % of the homeless

Whereas 90-93% of the homeless in downtown, ranging from: the hotels, SRO’s, shelters, missions; to automobiles, abandoned buildings and vacant lots; to sidewalks, bus stop benches, store front porches entry, etc, are BLACK MEN, then BLACK WOMEN and their CHILDREN, followed by an assortment of others;

Whereas, homelessness is the most visible manifestation of the disproportion ratios of negative social statistics, by which chattel slave descendant, black lives lead all other ethno-racial groups in the country;

Whereas, factually this matter of black lives in homelessness, is the direct consequence of prior 1964 Civil Rights Act, 99 years (1865-1964) of white supremacist, racist, discriminatory legislation, dubbed, Jim Crow and Black Codes; preceded by 245 years of chattel slavery (1620-1865);

Whereas, unlike all other ethno-racial groups of willing immigration heritage, the black lives are not, being rather that of unwilling chattel slavery, whereby they were forced to serve immigrants;

Whereas, given such great disparity between the two groups of homeless peoples, the measures applied to those whom are of the chattel slavery-Jim Crow heritage are to be addressed separately from those whom are of willing immigration, even according to the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the US Constitution;

Homelessness Increaseing
Whereas, the last forty years, hard-core, street-sidewalk dwelling homelessness has dramatically increased and continuing to do so;

Whereas, this condition whereby human beings, whom are citizens of the United States are relegated to a subsistence of not living, nor even surviving, but rather dwelling below that which is allotted to domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats;

Whereas, the middle class has shrank into a minority status due to the worsening economy whereby working citizens spend over half their incomes on rent or mortgaging, followed by high taxes, and the various cost of living, such as utilities, healthy nourishment, healthcare, clothing, transportation, children’s education, etc;


Whereas, the “rain” of the middle class, that is, working poor being forced to fall out of mainstream downward towards homelessness, prevents the rising of existent US citizens whom are homeless causing further compaction at the bottom levels of society;

The Industrial Complex of Homelessness and Containment Policy
Whereas, due to this compacting situation that has become a static status quo, homelessness is a growing industrial complex that generates financial, political power, and societal prestige to individuals and non-profit agencies designed to address it, hence, the homelessness industrial complex establishment (HIC);

Whereas, there exists an unwritten, unofficial public-private policy of the City of Los Angeles, in conjunction with the acquiescence of the County to contain and or restrict-relegate homeless peoples to within the so called, Skid Row area in the Central City East of downtown Los Angeles, the “ground 0” and “black hole vortex” of homelessness;

Whereas, homelessness is the ultimate statement of what has gone wrong in society:

Whereas, over the last 40 years, due to the inability to rectify the causes of homelessness, which is gestated within the heart of mainstream society, and therefore subsequent failure to rescue citizens out of its entrapment, the containment policy has broken, whereby we now witness homelessness in the visible form of sidewalk encampments, bus stop benches, store porch-fronts, allies, etc, throughout the city’s 15 districts, and county’s 5 in places where it was previously non existent;

Whereas, after spending billions of public and private sector dollars on homelessness, and routine re-shuffling of government join powers actions, Blue Ribbon Committees, as well as such other “task force” entities, there remains no other options, except one yet to be earnestly tried;

The Solution Resolution
Therefore, be it resolved by this segment of We the People of the United States, located in the Los Angeles area, do hereby expect the elected officials of the city, under the leadership of the mayor, in conjunction with they of the County, State and Federal governments, most particularly the presidency, to immediately adopt the National Plan To End Homelessness as presented by Civil Rights-homeless activist, Ted Hayes.

As direct “ward” of 14th Amendment citizenship under yet under the jurisdiction of the federal government, in order to perfect this imperfect Union, We the People demand that it implements the National Homeless Plan according the enforcement of the 1866 Civil Rights Act as intended.